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Welcome to Project SnowyRoad

Project SnowyRoad tells a story about a pilot, who crashes into a snowy forest full of icy creatures called Icers. during the journey he meets new friends and gets to know more about the evil who is behind the sudden never-ending winter and the big army of Icers.


Icers are creatures made out of ice. nobody knows where they come from or who created them, but somehow, they seem to be multiplying more and more every day. Also they seem to be capturing the townspeople for some reason.

Icer blobIcereamSnole
Most basic and easiest Icer. Not very dangerousIt's spinning body can send small icicles flying towards you at high speeds.Attacks with underground ice pillars.

Attack system

Attacking is pretty similar to other RPGs, but with a little twist. To attack, you don't simply press a button. Instead you have to complete a minigame-style thing. This varies from a simple attack slider to attacks where you have to set things on fire with a torch using arrow keys. (I haven't really thought about these attacks yet.)

When it is the enemy's turn, you have to dodge it's attacks on a 3x3 grid by holding arrow keys. It's like a little dancing game but not quite. (You don't press the keys in the rythym. I don't know yet if i'm going to implement that.)


Here's some very cool audio visualizer versions of the game's soundtrack. (uploading more in the future.)


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I think this game needs more items

What you think, will this game be like Undertale? 

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The game's graphics and battle system is heavily inspired by Undertale, but I don't want to make it too similar to Undertale. Of course they are in the same genre and they have similar art styles, but I don't want people to refer this game as "Undertale game"